With the plethora of new media mechanisms now facilitated by the internet revolution, traditional marketing objectives of brand awareness, customer acquisition and lead generation require fundamental re-orientation. Creating search optimized content that retains attention, informs prospects and generates word of mouth is paramount in today’s media landscape. Anion’s expertise spans traditional and social media and our domain expertise allows us to be the behind-scenes content engine for your collateral needs.

  • Newsletters
  • Press releases and media kits
  • Customer and sales training material
  • White papers and research articles
  • Case studies and blogs
  • Web & social media content
  • Technology trend reports
  • Tech, user and product guides and brochures
  • Board out-of-box experience and documentation

Since significant demand in the semiconductor industry is fulfilled by distribution partners, getting the channel dynamics right can make or break a new product introduction. Proliferating products beyond a few key accounts requires navigating several complex aspects of channel related routes to market. Identifying the right partners and executing contractual details, related price levels, demand creation metrics, payment terms and inventory can be very challenging for small organizations.

  • Channel research and analysis
  • Channel marketing
  • Partner program development
  • Channel relationship management

Creative services

Using graphics and imagery to communicate core technology messages is a crucial element of any marketing effort. Good marketing of technology products and value is often the result of clear and concise iconography combined with appealing use of color, animations and design. Our in-house creative experts possess over 20 years’ experience catering to the semiconductor industry.

  • Logos & booth design
  • High impact illustrations
  • Animated presentations
  • Photography & videography
  • Print & web design

Launch planning


Technology product launches, even in well-organized corporations, are overwhelmingly plagued by missed deadlines, poor quality of launch collateral and inadequate field training on benefits. All resulting in mismanaged customer expectations and costly product failures. Successful product launches are characterized by high quality supporting collateral, clear and coordinated messages across social and traditional media and explicit targeting of customer segments.

  • Define launch plans, target market and applications
  • Determine customer segments and drivers
  • Drive branding and publicity
  • Prepare launch collateral, press kits, social media plans
  • Develop user/evangelist communities
  • Create field training

Analytics Insights

Supplier and distributor organizations are well equipped with customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems that spew out reams of data and statistics. Often organizations also invest in business intelligence software. Yet most stakeholders make decisions and judgments on inadequate and often inaccurate analyses. This is primarily due to data analysts lacking semiconductor industry domain expertise and industry experts often lacking data analyses skills. Equipped with state of the art visualization tools and vast industry experience our services bridge this gap by offering actionable insights.

  • Demand creation metrics
  • KPI definition and metrics
  • Channel analysis package
  • Outsourced cost-effective data analysis

Product Ecosystem

Technology customers demand seamless integration between hardware software and services. Many device providers have built capabilities restricted to only one of these domains. While barriers to entry into new technology paradigms like Android and IoT are relatively low, meeting user expectations of interfaces and mobile interactions require high skill and experience levels that can only be delivered by domain experts. Our knowledge and relationships in the semiconductor ecosystem take advantage of the extensive network of industry players to bring together collaborative partners. We specialize in expediting technology adoption and reducing design times to dramatically lower time to market.

  • Partner Identification
  • Relationship Management
  • Engagement Management
  • Go-to-market planning, development and execution
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